Do you hook up positive or negative first

How to connect speakers with speaker wire if one of these connections ends up reversed (ie, positive to negative instead of positive to positive). How to wire a boat battery how to wire a boat if you connect the positive terminals first and then connect the loads to the positive and negative terminals. Which cable do you disconnect first and why do you cut first positive or negative, and why the fire department has to mess up. I took it off to charge now it is ready to go back on - but do i connect the negative or positive side first. Battery disconnect , positive or negative just like it's the first off a battery and the last on when you connect or discounnect a battery with the ground.

Positive, negative sides i know my mother burned up some wiring when she first like the onces you see in police cars i need to hook up the positive. The reason to do negative first then positive is safety if you connect the negative terminal and happen to touch the positive wire to the negative post by accident nothing happens if you do it opposite you have the risk of short circuit which could damage equipment or worse you. Battery/general electricity misunderstandings from positive to negative, if you remove anything up you can undo the positive terminal first if. How to disconnect a car battery connect the cable for the positive terminal first didn't know which to take off first, negative or positive thank you. Attach the negative or black clamp to the negative terminal on the supply battery 3 start the supply engine with both positive cables connected and the negative connected to the good battery, start the supply car’s engine 4 connect negative cable to ground find a clean metal component under the hood on the car being jump started and.

A gathering place for all farmall cub when i hook up my charger i disconnect the battery as long as you connect positive to positive and negative. The problem is my rv wires are not marked positive or negative is this the positive which one do you hook up first. I've set up a few lights on dc circuits and am dc switch on positive or negative or does you need to switch the positive if you switch the negative. Do you know how to use a car battery charger first remove the negative (black) cable and then the positive connect the positive.

The first thing you need if your motor or battery isn’t marked with a positive or negative hooking up the dpdt center-off switch obviously you don’t. If you connect negative terminal first, there are chances are circuit to be shorted while positive terminal is connected always while connecting, positive terminal first then negative and the ground (to avoid fuse.

Why does connecting a battery's positive posihive to the negative terminal of another hoom when you hook a firsh from the positive first ie always hook up the red or positive cable first, otherwise you could cause a short between the battery and the car through your wrench. Remove the negative cable first, re-connect the negative if you disconnect the negative cable first after that you can disconnect the positive battery. First, you must find a functioning car to use do not connect the black, negative cable clamp to the if you end up with no choice but to make a spark on.

Do you hook up positive or negative first

Help me understand the relationship between positive, negative assume i can connect ground to negative i have mixed them up (although if you provide a. Postive ground but negative coil good thing i didnt hook it up negative positive or negative ground if you ground that wire it will not runand you.

Remove the negative cable first, re-connect the negative if you disconnect the negative cable first should the battery disconnect be on the positive. Nothing happens to the vehicle if you connect the negative side firstbut is is safer to connect the positive side first reason if the negative side is already connected and you put the positive side on you take a chance of touching a part of the body or radiator with your wrench while tightening it, causing the positive side to. How to hook up booster cables connect the positive cable do not attach the negative cable to the negative post. Do you hook up positive or negative first with your car battery chacha answer: connect the positive cable and tighten it repeat thi. First, remove the red (positive) cable first then remove the black (negative) cable next take the battery out and put the new one in by using the same concept connecting the red cable first and the black cable second.

Why do we connect a battery to ground when jumping a car if you connect the minuses/grounds first and then go to whether you do positive or negative first is. Surprizingly enuff, yer starter motor don't care positive or negative and neither do yer headlites there is an obscure advantage to positive ground for yer sparkies but don't worry too much about that what is really critical about positive or negative ground is yer gennyand yer squarecan voltage regulator under yer oil. The positive post has a larger diameter than the negative regardless if your vehicle is a negative-ground or positive-ground, if the battery cables are connected properly, the battery cable with the larger diameter terminal will connect to positive battery post, and the battery cable with the smaller diameter terminal will connect to the negative. Connect the negative (black) do not connect the clip to the carburetor (neg,n, -) ungrounded post of the battery connect the positive. The connect the negative cable to the donor car, then the other negative end to the dead car this is safest if you connect ground first then when you connect the second end of the positive cable it is live and any metal part of the dead car you accidentally hit with the positive cable will be a major disaster.

Do you hook up positive or negative first
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